Choosing the right Coordinator


As one saying goes “The most successful events is the one that achieves your goal and exceeds your expectation”. It’s not easy creating the dream events of a client that is why choosing the right coordinator for your events is one crucial thing to decide.

Choosing them as your coordinator is entrusting them to handle a once in a lifetime moment, so you have to choose well. They will either break or make your event.

Therefore I listed different ways to help you choose the right event coordinator.



I do believe that a successful events is possible at a reasonable price, there is a tight competition in the industry of events coordination. Bigger companies and group requires high talent fees already, therefore to someone who is looking for a low-cost coordinator they choose the newbie in the industry. But you need to check the reviews from previous clients or it should be a referral from a trusted friend, this will give you an idea how they work and how they handle things, specially they are still young in the business.



Checking credibility is for coordinators whose been in the industry for 2-3 years or more, different groups and organization in the industry reviews event suppliers for the safety of the clients. They have updated list for banned coordinators/suppliers. They also do reviews on how they do their services. This can help you gather information about the coordinator your eyeing and at the same time you will have different options for your event.



Personal meetings and Phone calls is one of the best way to get to know them more, they will build trust and friendship to you. What you need for a coordinator is someone optimistic and resourceful. We want your event to be filled with good and happy memories, and as a coordinator this has to start from them. Another thing is that they have to know how to handle sudden change, They don’t panic rather they think fast on how to solve the current problem.

These are just three of the many ways that can help you get the right coordinator for you, in conclusion make sure to get someone you trust or already have a credibility in the industry. Coordinators will really help you get things done and make your event indeed a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for reading and hope this was a helpful one. 🙂

Photo Credits:
Palestinian American Community Center


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