My Favorite Event

I never thought that my career will lead me in this industry. I have been in love with social events before but I never knew that this will be the path that I would want to see my self retiring after 30 years. Now a days it is hard to compete to different Event Coordinators, they already have credibility and stable contacts with suppliers. Though I believe everyone started this way and I know that with enough courage and perseverance me and my partner can overcome anything and become successful someday.

As a starting event coordinator,  i have one favorite event that I would give my everything; I have always been in love with Weddings.. Our team does not just coordinate weddings we do any social events as long as we can handle it. however I don’t  know why I always think that weddings are different from others.


As I was doing the business plan, I was so excited with everything, I was trying not to be overwhelmed with the tasks and the people you’ll get to meet and work with. It was the first time in my life that I felt that I have finally found my dream job.

I love weddings in specific because this is a once in a lifetime event, you don’t get to be married yearly or every 10 years, the next wedding you would attend to is on your silver or golden wedding anniversary. This is an amazing moment because it is every girls dream to finally walk down the isle and marry the man they love, this day is not just for ladies who are walking down the isle, because one of my favorite scene is the grooms reaction while her bride is walking. That is one priceless moment to capture. 🙂


Why I love weddings? Honestly there are million reason to love this event. This is the only event where you can witness the ff in just one day; happiness, emotional in a good way, teary eyes, its a total mixed emotions. and planning this for the couple is a privilege because they are fully entrusting you on their special day. That is why I would give  everything to make sure this one would be perfect of them all..

Not because this is my favorite event this will be the only event I will be giving my 100%, this is our business of course we will give our all in every events that we will plan.Its just that this is my “apple of the eye”… I cant explain further how much I’m excited and looking forward in making every couples wedding perfect. I don’t believe in a perfect moment but I do know that everything is simply “Perfected by Grace”. 🙂

Photo Credits:

Celebrity Connected
Daily Mail


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