A Work in Progress

I Love working with events, from family gathering to company events, it  was my dream job. I was working in the corporate world and I was part of our engagement team. We handle all account events, Town halls and monthly activities. This work thought me how to handle administrative work in event planning, how to handle changes and plan everything in a smart way.

It was September 2016 when i saw myself having my own business. Entering the business world is not something we do overnight but when we are dedicated i know its possible. I was15390933_10202498332896304_546464326168196227_n.jpg reading testimonies from successful coordinators how they started and what they are now. I was inspired so I started praying for it, not my will but His. I had the confirmation when everything was provided one by one, first the knowledge, the business plan and the support from family and friends. God gave me the wisdom to the business plan at first, I was studying how to do it, I was reading a lot of articles and I was asking diff coordinators on how they started. The business plan was finally done and this did not came in a silver platter I’ve done a lot of research and studying on how i can handle this. My goals and checklist are starting to pile up as I read information about the business.

After the business plan, My partner came in. there are people who would love to be part of the team but I was indeed looking for a partner that can help me in handling things, God sent me one15826781_10202590574642290_8553433317326036599_n.jpg..and now we are called “Dynamic Duo” It was amazing how each part of the puzzle came.  We started telling our friends and promoting the business in the social media, the first client that we have is my friend. Well our services started free specially for our close family and friends, but our starting rate is very low, so If you are looking for a smart and cheaper coordinator that can assist you with your event that would probably be us. We may don’t have the experience like other teams yet, however I do believe that when we do everything for the Lord and not just for pleasing people and money, it will be a blessed and memorable event for you. 🙂

We are still starting our portfolio this year 2017 and we still have a lot to learn, we are willing to listen to any suggestions and feedback from our clients. We are looking forward for this year, my goal in this business is not just to earn money but to be a blessing to my clients that they will feel Loved on every event that we execute for them. When God is the foundation I know everything is Possible.

Looking forward to working with you 🙂


PS. Nicole F.


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