Top 5 Guest Etiquette


Being in the Industry of Event, means dealing with different kinds of people; from the client, suppliers to guests. For this blog i want to share my top 5 Etiquette as a Guest, sometimes guests are so privileged to be part of an event we often forget that we still need to watch our behavior. this top 5 are my own observation as i stumble upon different type of guests in different events.

  1. Arrive on Time:


Time is very important, Arriving on time will help everyone make sure that the program will start and finish on a timely manner. we don’t want our celebrants to wait and they are also expecting us to celebrate with them. Regarding the importance of time, we need to consider the travel time, the program and other things guests need to attend to other than the event.

Arriving on time just shows how considerate we are not just to the celebrants but to the time of other guests.

2. Dress Appropriately:


Events usually has a specific theme or it depends of what kind of event we are attending to. dressing in accordance to the theme or the type of event is important because we don’t want to steal attention from the celebrants because of our own style, we came to the event to celebrate with them not to catch attention by other guests. Dressing Appropriately shows respect to the celebrants and to how they want to celebrate that day.

We are free to show our own style but lets make sure that it will fit the occasion we are attending to.

3. Bringing a Plus:


Bringing an uninvited guest depends on the condition that was set by the celebrants. There are RSVP for the guests where they can reserve for a specific number of people they are going to be with, there are events where you can bring anyone without any limitations, and events where on the invitation you already have a designated number of people you can bring. Following the instructions from the invitation or from the celebrants is important. specially for the head count because of the food, tables and chairs that needs to be considered for a specific number of guests.

Don’t be heartbroken if they only allowed limited guests, please take in consideration that having an event they have to spend money for every head count and we have to respect the number of guest they allowed.

4. Participate in the Program:


As a guest, we are expected to join the celebration not just by eating in the buffet but by participating in the program. when we participate we help the celebrants enjoy the event and it would be fun to have a celebration where everybody is willing to join. When the program is on going, please refrain from going out and join the program. Some guests after dinner they tend to leave, like the purpose is for Food only.

As a guest lets help make the event memorable for the celebrants by staying through out the program and joining the Fun.

5. Respect the Suppliers of the event:


Suppliers are there to make sure that the dream event will come to life by providing and assisting the celebrants and the guests. The services are paid by the celebrants however as a guest we have to respect the suppliers role as well. one good example are the photographers, they are paid to capture every moment of the event, nowadays with the availability of technology sometimes we want to capture something on our own and it steals the perfect moment that is being captured by the photographers. If we want to ask something from the suppliers we can always ask them in a respectful way because they are all professionals. As a guest and you observed that something is not done correctly by the supplier, you are free to approach them and give them your feedback so if there is anything else they can do make up to it they can still do so. Suppliers goal is not just to give the dream event of the celebrants but to make sure that the guests will get to enjoy the celebration as well.

These are just the Top 5 Etiquette that needs to be observed by everyone not just the guests but everyone in the event to make it a success. There are still more behaviors that we need to consider when we attend any Celebration. We just have to put in mind that our goal is not for our own enjoyment but to help the celebrants have a memorable event of their life.

What makes a successful event is not how much we are willing to spend on it, but with the cooperation of everyone from suppliers to guests we can make the celebrants dream event a success.

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