5 Ways to Deal with People


Being an Event Coordinator means you deal with different kinds of people and its not the easy part. They have different characters and came from different cultures,  and we are the one who needs to make the adjustments.

In this industry you need to know how to deal with them, we cannot expect that everyone will have the attitude that we want, not everyone is easy to go along with and there are some people where even if you try to please them with all your best they are still looking for more. To help everyone in this industry I listed 5 things me ant my team do when dealing with different kinds of people in different situation.

1. Be Patient:


This word is always used in every aspect of business and work. Every Mature adult needs to be patient at all times. Though there are situations that will test how patient we are. In the Industry of Events this is one of our Capital, our dignity as a coordinator will spread among the guests and the first thing they want to know is how patient we are.

Always Breath and try to calm yourself as much as possible. Hear their concern or their frustration, while listening try to think on how you can compensate and do something about it. You can apologize and tell the best solution you can give.  but if there is no solution at all, just apologize and be honest that there’s nothing you can do about it.

Remember that the key to being patient at all times is to be a good listener and be Honest with what you can do or what you cannot do.

2.  Be Prepared:


To be the events coordinator you have to think of all the possible scenarios that can happen and be prepared on what you can do about it. You have to make sure that you know what to do.

Usually coordinators should have an Emergency Kit at all times, it includes sewing kits, first aid, Medications and other necessities. Invest on this kind of things because this will save you from running out to the store in the middle of an event and it will have a good feedback on how prepared your team is. On the planning stage of the event make sure to have a plan A to Z because you will never know what will happen. You also have to inform the clients about the possible things that you need too be prepared with so they have proper expectations.

3. Keep Smiling


In this kind of work, Smiling may looks so easy at first but to be honest with you sometimes this is the hardest part. During an Event the coordinators are running around and making sure everything is happening according to the plan and its very tiring, additional to that is we have to face everyone on the event with a smile. Of course we cannot do anything about it, even if your feet hurts so bad after standing for hours, and you haven’t eaten anything yet for the whole day and your make up sometimes feels like its no longer there, we still have to keep that Smile on our face and that what makes this Job special for me. I learned that Smiling is one of the keys in making people feel that they can trust you. So keep that smile and let them know that you can handle it!

4. Be Smart


There is no such thing as a perfect event for me, but you can always make it memorable in the best way. As a Coordinator you need to think fast and smart. You have to know when to decide on your own and when to ask your client for a confirmation. There are some situations that we need to handle on our own already and some that needs to be confirmed by the client first. You have to know how to weigh in the situation and know the proper response.

5. Don’t Panic


This is the most important thing we need to do when things are not going as planned. When we start to panic the whole team can be affected by that as well as the guest. They will start seeing  that things are getting out of hand. As an events coordinator you have to Start thinking about the proper solution. Character number 4 be Smart! 🙂 Its not gonna be easy but you have to think out of the box and check if there is anything you can do  to fix the situations. If there is nothing you can do about it and  you have exhausted all your efforts. tell it to the client already and tell them what happen. Its best that the client hears what happen from your team rather than the guests. So starting from the planning stage you and the client should think about all unexpected situations and that is why you need plan A-Z.. Setting proper expectations and planning ahead will avoid situations where you will panic.

And that is my TOP 5 Characters that we need in this kind of Industry we are in. Always remember there are things that may come out of hand but that will test your team how well you can handle the event and how you will respond to all the situations in front of you. Just remember your Goal why are you doing this job. You will not be in this industry if you can’t handle this so believe in yourself and work as a team.

You can never please every Guests and clients that you will have. But don’t be discourage when there are things that is getting out of hand, rather learn from all of your experience and always show Humility and Love to the people your working with.

I do believe that when you show Love to what you do it will just Reflect a Happy Client at the end of the event. 🙂

Sharing with you some of Team Dynamic Duo’s Photos:

17155335_185807218584411_5344847152323348250_n 15940790_10202614106670576_5284864044139809056_n

16113927_10202614155271791_7104688697114948041_n IMG_3856

Thank you for reading our Blog.

Book us on your next event and Let us help you make it Memorable. 🙂

To God Be the Glory.


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