Just a Bit of Advice

Hi Clients… 🙂

This Blog is for everyone who wants to hire suppliers for their event. We’ve been talking to different clients already and we’ve learned so much from them. However I guess some clients need to learn something from us as well. In making your dream event we need a two way communication. we need to understand what you want and you need to understand what we need to make it happen.

Having an event-of-a-lifetime takes effort and money. We cannot give you a  grand event if your Budget can’t afford to have one, but we can always work on your budget and make it the most memorable event for you. Unlike elite families, that can throw events just by covering expenses. however not all clients are privileged as them, having limited budget doesn’t mean you cannot have an amazing event. That is why we coordinators are here to help you.

Here’s a list of need-to-knows for planning an event.

 1. Know You Budget:

budget - iStock_000041295790_Large

The first thing you need to consider is how much you can give to have your dream event. Know your budget’s extent and work from there. Every detail of your event will base on how much you can afford. You can hire a coordinator to help you maximize your budget specially if you don’t have any ideas on how to plan everything. Once your budget is fixed we can start Looking for different suppliers and play the budget plan. Knowing your budget is crucial because we don’t want you to spend more than what you can and leave you with debts only to afford the event you desire. As a coordinator, I believe that everyone deserves a memorable event and that is what matters most. It is not how grand your event is, its how much you, your family and your guests enjoyed the celebration.

2.  Think of a Motif/Theme


Now that we know your budget, we can start having all ideas on what is the theme of your event. Theme is one of the most important factor because all suppliers, program and the style of your event will depend on it. we can conceptualize details, layouts and program from here. In deciding for a theme, you need to consider the personality of the celebrant and the guests who will attend so that everyone will get to enjoy it. Remember that when it comes to themes there is no limitation, imagine everything and be creative as much as possible.

 3. Choose your Trusted suppliers. 


Choosing suppliers will depend on your budget and if they can give the theme of your event. As a coordinator I don’t choose the best suppliers.. I choose my “Trusted Suppliers”. “What is best when you can’t trust them right?” Choosing your suppliers is trusting them to handle your event and if that is the case, you need to choose the one you trust the most. That is why in this industry, our credibility is important and we take care of it. You can check my other Blog about Choosing the Right Coordinator. It applies to any event suppliers. Just put in mind that when you choose a supplier you have your options and you can always say No. 🙂

 4. Be Honest with your Suppliers:


Planning your event means you have to be honest with your suppliers and tell them everything they need to know to make it work. you don’t want them planning blinded for your big day. Suppliers are always Friendly and Happy to serve. believe me, if you Trust your Supplier you can be honest with them, It makes planning your event easier and fun for you and for everyone working with you. if you want to surprise your guest you may do so but don’t surprise your suppliers because they can help you pull off surprises and the fun you want on your big day. They will be you trusted assistant on everything you need on your Big day so keep connected with them.

 5. Know who has the Final say. 

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

This is one of the biggest conflicts in event planning. For some the final say is with the one who finances the whole event. for others it is the celebrant and or someone from the family. As a coordinator we already encountered complications on decision making because everyone wants to have a say. So my last advice for you guys is to know who is the deciding factor of your event so your suppliers will not be confused who to follow. you can always consider everyone’s opinion and suggestions but make sure who have the final say, at the end of the day its your event.

To be honest, planning is very stressful. But with proper coordination and honest communication from clients and suppliers, it will be easier and fun at the same time. Isn’t that what we want?

So, to everyone out there who wants to have a stress free event, please consider the five things above so you’d get to enjoy not just your event but the planning as well.

Thank you for reading until the end.

We hope to work with you soon. 🙂

God Bless!


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