5 things to Consider for your Motif

Motif is the one that gives color and life to your dream event. Its the foundation of the colors to be use, outfit to wear, the Layout of the whole event, souvenirs, invitation and other details of your big day. This is one of the most important decision you will make so you have to consider a lot of things.

There are clients who are having a hard time deciding what is their motif, so I created a list or things to consider that can help you decide the best Theme for your big day.

1. The Budget:


First things first, how much can you give for your big day. Are you on a tight budget or all in for your big day. The budget will be one of the deciding factors for your theme, Because there are themes that can cost you more than your allowed budget. Some themes requires a lot of Flowers, Vintage props and elegant Designs that is costly. You have to make sure that your motif is within what you can afford, you can always talk to your coordinators and stylist that can help you with the budget.

2.  Your Personality:


This is your Big day so you can always put personal touch on your theme. You can list down the things that you like the most; it can be from movies, Characters, a specific festival that you like, your culture, your favorite weather, Country and a lot more, sky is the limit with your imagination. Answering the ff will help you leave a personal touch; what would you like your guest to feel during the whole event? and would you like them to see your personality all throughout the program and the designs. I always suggest to our clients to put their personality on every event because this are once in a lifetime, Making your guest see you through your big day is leaving a beautiful memory with them.

3. Your Guests:


Well this is usually left behind when we think about how are we going to celebrate our special day. However I noticed that this is actually one of the things that we need to consider as well. The guests is compose of our Family members, Friends, Colleague, and people who are closer to our hearts. Considering them means, taking the time to think of their time and capacity to travel, if you have several families/friends who will be coming from a far location you might want to consider when to start and when to finish, unless you will provide rooms for sleepovers or a place where they can rest. In relation to your theme, you might want to think of something where your guests can easily relate to like for example; the choice of music and the whole program, so they can also have fun during the celebration.

4. The Trend


You can also check what is the current trend for the year in terms of events. There are lifestyle and event news that you can read and do your research. This would be easy for you because supplies and ideas is usually all over the internet since it is the current trend for the year. You can go with the trend or do the opposite, whichever makes you comfortable with your celebration. However you also have to consider that since there is a high demand for this themes usually supplies are costly.

5. Your Goal


It is really hard to plan your event if you don’t know your goal. I always ask our clients, what do they want to accomplish with the celebration? Yes it is creating memories but what is your goal? what kind of memories would you like to leave to your guests? would you like to show them how elegant you are, how simple, how fun or you just wanted to make everyone happy. It is easier to plan your event if you have a goal and it will be a much more meaningful event. At the end of the day you paid for it, everyone made time for this and it is the memories that you will leave to the people you love. Make it meaningful. 🙂

So I hope this list will be helpful for you in making decisions, and always remember that this is your Big day do not limit yourself as long as you are with the people you love it will always be a memorable one. 🙂


God bless and our Team is hoping to work with you.

To God be the Glory.




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