Upgrading Dynamic Duo

To have our own Business is one of the most amazing thing that happened to me and my partner for year 2017. Having your own business is not a walk in the park, a lot of things needs to be done. I thank God and our family and friends who has been supporting us from the start. We have  been laying low posting blogs and update to our social media simply because we are going on an Upgrade.

What i mean about upgrade is we want to serve you better and be out of our comfort zone. Its a very hard competition in this kind of industry, We are trying to study on how we can become a different team to other suppliers who has been in the industry for so long. The ff are just some of the steps we are doing right now to give you more. 🙂



We are on the process of our application with DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) for legal purposes. We want to assure you guys that we are serious in the business and you can trust us. According to DTI webpage ” Registering a business name with DTI is the first step to becoming a sole proprietor as it gives you the sole right to use the business name.” we are also checking other legal stuff we need to know to run the business. We are a starting team in this industry and we want to know everything we need to protect us and to protect our clients.



Diverse People and Training Concepts
Diverse People and Training Concepts

Being an Event Coordinator and a supplier of events is a Social and creative skill. Personality development is very important because in this industry we are dealing with different type of people. We are Trying to enhance the skills that we have to give you the best services. We attend seminars, online tutorials, Watching Video Seminars and hopefully to get certified by end of the year. We are investing on this things to enhance what we already have and to give you our best.




We are improving our packages to be more competitive. Studying financial needs and how much will it cost us to give this kind of service. We also meet with other suppliers and partner with them. This one is actually a lot of work, we need to check every details because this is what we are here for. To create the perfect package that is not provided by other suppliers is hard to create. So Hopefully Lord willing that we can create the perfect package for you, An Affordable yet High Standard service.


I created this Blog to show you guys what we are currently doing to give you the best that we can give. We do this business not just to earn or to be a known supplier, It has been our passion to help people in any way that we can. Hopefully as we dedicate this business to our Lord we know that we are in Good hands and so are you. 🙂

Its almost end of the year and we are praying to Start the Year 2018 with a Bang! I thank God for this Blogs because we can be able to share our thoughts and you can get to know who we really are.


Thank you for reading till end.

God bless and Hoping to work with you.


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