Surprise Bridal Shower 101

Weddings are one of the most exciting things we all look forward to as a woman, its every girls dream, and every bride also look forward to celebrations and surprises. We may not really say it but I know that deep down every brides heart is to be surprised with a bridal shower.

This Article is not really for brides but for Friends and Family who wants to surprise one. If you have someone close to you getting tied up, you may want to keep reading because we are spilling some surprise tips on how you can make it memorable for everyone.

Before we proceed with the topic itself I just want to let you know a little back ground about why we do bridal showers.

Bridal showers are gift giving party for the bride to be, The reason is for friends and family to provide gifts for the upcoming marriage and assist in any means to make sure the wedding will take place. This custom bridal shower adds memorable celebration for the wedding and it helps the bride look forward for marriage.

Bridal shower can be an organized party with the bride or a surprise party. Surprise bridal shower depends on family and friends who will organize and decide on the details, Usually the Maid of honor or the Brides maid are the one who organizes this parties with the family of the bride.

I’m hoping that this article can help you nail this surprise bridal shower for your bride to be. Below are the checklist that can help you with your plan.

Form your team – You have to let other people be involve on this because you can’t do it alone. This are the people who knows the bride by heart and willing to take some time for this surprise bridal shower. You have to make sure that this people can be trusted and can secretly plan this with you.

Set your Budget – In every parties you have to allot a maximum budget you and your team can give. This is a surprise bridal shower so you can’t expect the bride to share with your finances. you have to consider everyone who contribute and make sure that everyone will agree on you sharing.

Set you Bridal Shower Theme – Having a bridal shower theme can help you plan on the other details because this will narrow down the supplies that you need for the party. This theme will be the deciding factor of every details from gifts, food, designs, program and giveaways. You can choose any type of bridal shower Theme below depending on your budget and what everyone will enjoy.

  1. Simple Bridal Shower – This theme usually comes from the brides favorite color and you can play your designs from there or add colors that can be a good combination with the color theme.
  2. Thematic Bridal Shower – This is the theme that requires a lot of effort and needs a higher budget that a simple theme. A thematic bridal shower can be anything from the brides favorite place, Festival, following the wedding theme or anything else. Sky is the limit with your imagination when thinking of a theme for a bridal shower. specially if you have enough budget to do it.
  3. Ladies Treat Bridal Shower –  I call this Ladies treat because this kind of bridal shower is usually just within the city malls and does not require programs and games. It can be a day in the Spa, Watch Movies in the cinema, A shopping day treat with your bride, Go to a concert or a Bar.
  4. Out of town Bridal Shower – If you and your squad have enough budget you can go for an out of town bridal shower. This is one of the simplest yet requires most budget. Simple because you just have to book a hotel room and a ride and you can do any itinerary the town can give. You can swim in the pool, beach, mountain climb, food trip and night life party on the area.

Conceptualize your Program/Itinerary – For a Party you have to think of the flow of the program; from messages, gift giving, dinner and games. This is the part where you and your team has to brain storm about everything you and the bride can enjoy together. If you have chosen number 3 and 4 from the themes above you plan your itinerary for the day so you already have things to do and try once you get there.

Below is a sample Program you can have for your Bridal Shower:

  • Entrance of the Bride/surprising the bride
  • Hosts welcomes the bride to the party
  • A short message from the bride | Interviewing the bride
  • Gift Giving | Opening of the Gifts with a short message for the Bride to be
  • Buffet / cocktail foods served
  • Games
  • Giving of souvenirs
  • Closing message from the Bride to be

Below is a sample itinerary you can do when your choosing number 3 as a bridal shower:

  • Entrance of the Bride / Surprising the bride – You can do this on a cafe or on the spa by telling her that you as a  maid of honor would like to date her before her wedding day and not knowing the whole squad will be together and the best part its your treat for her.
  • For a Spa Treatment: You can have 1 hour massage , Manicure and pedicure, foot spa, facial or sauna.
  • After a day in the spa you can watch a movie and Eat Dinner on a cafe or a resto in the area.
  • If you have any letters or gift for the bride you can give that during the dinner time before going home.

*Itinerary for an out of town bridal shower varies depending on the place your going to.

Those were some of the ideas you can have to plan for your surprise bridal party. Now after planning one of the hardest thing is the implementation. If you have enough budget you can hire a coordinator to do everything for you however if you are tight on a budget below is a list of things you are going to do to make this happen.

  • Create your Budget Allocation
  • Assign and delegate task to team members
  • Set surprise meetings
  • Contact Suppliers
  • Shop for DIY Decorations and Gifts
  • Finalize the program and on the day tasks
  • Make sure that the Bride has no Idea with you and your squads plan.

I’m hoping that these ideas can help you plan your surprise bridal shower. These are basic information only and we can still share a lot with you. You can always contact us or you can have a consultation with us with your plan and we can help you maximize your budget and create the best surprise bridal shower.

I will write a different Article for ideas you can use for Games and Souvenirs for your Bridal Shower.


Thank you for reading and you can share this to someone you know who needs to surprise a bride. 🙂

God bless.







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