Val and Mel Wedding Story

Every Wedding has their own beautiful story, and for year 2017 one of the weddings that we will never forget is this story.

This is our Last wedding for 2017 and it was 2 days before Christmas, The planning was good and the coordination with the suppliers were done. As a coordinator my role is to make sure that all suppliers are coordinated at the time and what will happen on the event. I never thought that a very unfortunate thing will happen on the Big day of this couple, since in every update and every call it sounds okay with the supplier. To make the Long story short the Catering Service was late for more than 3 Hours and No Services from the catering was set up in the church and the Venue. Believe it or not it was indeed horrifying to witness a wedding where there are no chairs and tables, no set up, no flowers and no food. Guests are asking questions and very much disappointed, Our Team and other suppliers are all trying to catch up and do everything we can to make up for the late caterer, and the couples are not in the best mood but they are trying to smile.

I know reading this is very heart breaking, going back to what happen on that day was not easy for me, but despite in every unfortunate thing that happened that day it was STILL A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING.

My goal as a coordinator is to make every event memorable and do everything in my power to make the celebration happy and filled with love that when my client look back, they will smile.

That day was not about all smiles… but I believe it was filled with Love. I have never cried in a wedding before even in my own wedding, but this wedding made me experience one of the worst wedding horror and one of the most touching wedding I have ever witnessed that I literally cried my heart out.

There maybe no flowers on the isle of the church because of the late supplier, but the wedding continued, the entourage lined up to walk and the Bride walked down the isle to be with her groom. The wedding ceremony was done without any problem and they were married in the church in front of the people they love.

The reception may not have this beautiful set up and a sumptuous food but we continued with the program with the help of every supplier and the support of every family and friends that was present on that day. There are guests who can no longer wait and needed to leave but there are more guests who decided to stay and be with the newly wed. Every supplier helped in every way we can to lift up the whole program, it was tiring and stressful but it was worth it.

We were able to push with the program with the help and support of everybody. What I witnessed that day was not just a wedding it was a beautiful wedding because I saw how much this people loved the couple so much that they never left and they were there to support them and make them feel loved, It was a day worth celebrating even without this beautiful set up and food.

This people showed me that a beautiful wedding is not just composed of any material things we see but its supposed to be filled with the people who really loves you and are willing to be there for you through ups and down.

I witnessed the sacrifice of every suppliers and every guests just to leave a good memory on the big day of this couple.The program continued; they danced, we played the games, we got to know the couple through trivia’s, the program was filled with touching messages from the guests and the Live Band made sure everyone was entertained. regarding the food; A very special friend ordered food in McDonald’s for everybody and the cake was served to everyone. The wedding was celebrated not according to plan, but one thing is for sure it was celebrated with Love.

To end this story, I want to share something that I realize with this experience, A beautiful wedding can only be beautiful as long as you are with the people that really matter. It was indeed a tiring and stressful day but it was all worth it.





Thank you for reading.

I pray and hope you were blessed as I was blessed by this couples wedding story.


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