Understanding the Importance of 5 Major Suppliers.


Every successful event is composed of different suppliers who worked together to make the dream event a reality, from smallest to the biggest details of an event this people team up to make everything work.

In our culture we grow up attending events that is created and planned by the whole family and friends. I personally grew up in a family where we do everything on our own for every family event. My Mom and Aunts cook the food, my dad and uncles fix the back drops and designs as well as the tables and chairs, and its usually done outside our house. In today’s generation its called “DIY” a Do it yourself party, It was indeed the cheapest way to celebrate an event however its also tiring. After the party its basically cleaning up what was used for the party. It was tiring to see my family do this in every event we went through together. Don’t get me wrong, its not that i did not enjoy any of these, I actually did, but I know there is a better way to do celebrations. We just have to prepare for it financially so we can truly enjoy every moment.

In the Events industry there are different suppliers you can actually look up to, from high end suppliers to cheaper suppliers. You can negotiate with them and some can actually try to make your budget work.

I created this article to help you understand the importance of every suppliers you are putting your money to create a once in a lifetime celebration. I have listed my Top 5 Important Suppliers you need to invest with, I’m hoping that this will help you decide to invest in a supplier for your events because its worth it. Every supplier can help you create a memory without being exhausted at the end of the day.



This is usually one of the things we neglect whenever we plan events. This people can help you manage everything. They help you plan the whole event, conceptualize programs and maximize your budget, they also usher and answer questions from your guests, they make sure that the flow of the event is according to what you have planned, they manage the time and supervise suppliers. This are the people you need to execute your plan, because on your big day your role is to have fun and create new memories with your family and friends.

Coordinators Rates depends on the type of event, number of guests and location. They are negotiable and they can actually work on your budget. This is one of the suppliers you usually need from the first day of planning, because they know events and they can guide you through the process.



One of the biggest supplier on every event is the catering. They handle the food, tables and chairs, your event is 80% composed of this supplier. Some Caterers have this packages where they also include stage designs and complete styling. Catering Service is very important because what is a celebration without food.

You may come from a family who is good at cooking but on your Special day its important to hire a caterer, so you can fully enjoy the celebration. Catering Services offers a lot of services that can make your event the most memorable event for you and your family.



This is one of the most important Investment you will make for your event. This team capture everything that you can look back after the event. I always hear clients say that this supplier is too pricey, however if you understand what this people go through to capture everything for you and how much their equipment’s cost you will understand why. Its not easy roaming and running around to capture every detail of your big day, and the maintenance of their equipment is also not cheap.

This is the only Supplier that can give you something visible to look back at the memories you and your family created on your celebrations. That is why I always suggest our clients to invest in this suppliers, the fee may not be cheap but its totally worth it.


images (1)

This suppliers make you look good on your celebrations and Photos. Once in a lifetime events means you give your 101% best, to look the best of the best. That is why this suppliers has one of the most major roles in every celebrations, choosing the right people to help you look good on your big day matters.


The investment you put on this suppliers will be worth it because you will only celebrate this once in lifetime and you deserve to look the most stunning person in a crowd. Give yourself that chance to be the best looking person on your big day.




il_570xN.1221482639_sijuThe last supplier I wanted to give importance is the souvenirs, why? because this is your Thank You Gesture to the guests who showed support for you on your Big day. That simple gesture on your souvenirs can make them remember how your Big day was celebrated. It matters because you are showing how grateful you are for their presence and you are making them feel loved as much as how they showed love to you on your Big day.

These are just 5 of the most important suppliers you need on your Big Day. There are more suppliers you need to help you implement and make your dream event come true.

In order to help you more I have listed a simple checklist that you can use as guide to plan your Big day.

Events Checklist:

  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Event Styling
  • Lights and Sounds
  • Photo and Video Coverage
  • Cake / Dessert Buffer
  • Invitations
  • Souvenirs
  • Florist
  • Transportations
  • Master of ceremony
  • Singers / Entertainers
  • Gowns and Suits

I do Hope that this article can help you understand how important it is to invest in your suppliers. I understand that once in a lifetime events is not cheap, but its definitely worth it. Before I end this article I just want to remind everyone that Celebrations does not need to be costly, What is important in every celebration is the good memories you and your guests will create.

When you plan your Big day, Plan it in a way you and your guests will enjoy and do not plan it to please everyone. Celebrations are fun moments, it does not need to be bragged about, it was meant to be enjoyed with the people that matters to you.

And we Suppliers in the Event Industry can help you with it.

Thank you and God bless.



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