Jerhico and Jobelle Wedding Story

High school is one of the best parts of everyone’s life, it’s always the most memorable moment we have.  We explore the most during this year. We mold our young minds and find precious moments with our true found friends and young love.

These couple has made high school Love stories come to life when they finally decided to commit their lives to each other through Marriage. Not all High school Love stories come to a happy ending, but to those who were able to survive growing through College and Individual Careers are indeed a story to tell.

Highschool Classmates turned Lovers and now our newlywed. Their Love story shows how true friendship can turn into something that you can hold onto forever. Thier wedding is simple yet filled with fun and new memories with the one they love. It was an intimate wedding full of people that matter’s the most in their life. They were very hands-on with the planning and the details of their Big day.

It was very often to see a groom, be always present in meetings and planning, our bride was indeed blessed to have one. The groom was also blessed to have a bride who is very patient and kind-hearted that planning made easy because both of them are very easy to talk to.

This wedding is indeed one of our unforgettable weddings because we have witnessed how a young Love can survive through times and finally hear both of them say “I do” in front of the Lord.

In conclusion, this couple has thought me that Some things that start with High school can last a lifetime.


I hope you were blessed as we are blessed to work with this couple.

God bless and To God be the Glory.



CTTO: Anthony Balbin | Red Shutter Photography

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