Bernard and Jasmine Wedding Story

To marry the person you were admiring is probably one of the sweetest things. It’s like watching a Romantic Comedy movie, starting from strangers to being annoying friends, laughing and getting to know each other to falling in love.

I may not know the exact Love story of this couple but planning the wedding with them and getting to know them as an individual and as a couple, I have learned that they probably have this kind of Romantic Comedy type of story. Both of them are easy to get along with and we have a lot of funny moments during the planning stage.

Their wedding day is indeed one of my most memorable events, it was not perfect, there were a few adjustments that happened, however, It was full of Fun. I have witnessed the couple enjoying every moment and making it memorable with their family and friends. A lot of people have shown great love for this couple. Seeing the groom dance his heart out and enjoy every moment of the program as the bride watches and laugh at his dance. It was indeed a fun wedding.

My favorite part of the wedding was during the entourage walk. As I saw the Bride walking the stairs of the church and getting near the closed door, she was nervous and teary-eyed but she is still a beautiful bride. as we open the door, seeing all eyes on her and that moment where they met on the aisle is indeed worth keeping in our books.


Every wedding we all wanted to make the couple happy and make the celebration memorable. No wedding is close to perfect but we can always make it memorable for the newlywed.

To fall in love is one of the greatest things that can happen to us, finding that person we want to spend the rest of our lives with is indeed a blessing. This couple is beyond blessed to have found true love with each other and soon to have their own family.





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