Upgrading Dynamic Duo

To have our own Business is one of the most amazing thing that happened to me and my partner for year 2017. Having your own business is not a walk in the park, a lot of things needs to be done. I thank God and our family and friends who has been supporting us from... Continue Reading →


A Work in Progress

I Love working with events, from family gathering to company events, it ¬†was my dream job. I was working in the corporate world and I was part of our engagement team. We handle all account events, Town halls and monthly activities. This work thought me how to handle administrative work in event planning, how to... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Event

I never thought that my career will lead me in this industry. I have been in love with social events before but I never knew that this will be the path that I would want to see my self retiring after 30 years. Now a days it is hard to compete to different Event Coordinators,... Continue Reading →

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