Team Dynamic Duo



She Loves planning and she always think outside the box for every details and concepts of every event. When she planned and coordinated her own wedding she saw how important it is to have our very own coordinators in every event, to fully enjoy and celebrate. She was one of the Event planners on her previous company when she decided to leave and have it as a business. Now she can share her passion and help other people make their dream events come to life.




She is one of the person who made this team possible. She is hardworking and very creative. She is our very own Hair and Make up Artist head. She loves playing with details and very easy to go along with. She left the corporate world to make her dreams come true and share her passion to other people.



TOGETHER they are the Dynamic Duo, that will make sure to make your once in a lifetime event will be the most happiest and memorable of all.

God Bless.

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